Pre-Islamic Arabia

Arabia in the 6th century was a land where traders and raiders lived. Mecca was a city in which many religions were practiced.


Pre-Islamic Arabia


I. Arabia in the Sixth Century: The Land of Traders and Raiders


II. Mecca as a City of Religion

A. The "time of ignorance"

B. Gods and theisms in sixth century Mecca

1. Gods

a. Wadd

b. Su'ah (Sowa)

c. Yaqhuth (Yaghuth)

d. Ya'uq

e. Nasr

2. Surah 71:21-23

3. Goddesses

a. Lat (Al-Lat), Sun

b. Manet (Manat), Fortune

c. al-Uzza, Venus

4. Surah 53:17-23

C. Jewish and Christian presence in sixth century Arabia

D. The Hanifs in sixth century Arabia ("The Hunafa")



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