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God's Covenant with Abraham

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Published October, 29th 2020 by Dr. Robert Tuttle Jr
Episode 26, Curious Christian

Christianity is a relationship with God. Not a philosophy of life, but a way of life. Dr. Tuttle explains from scripture and from his own experience what the Gospel message is and how we can effectively share it with others. 90% of evangelism is showing up and paying attention. The same power of the Holy Spirit that was available to Jesus and the disciples is available to us today. Pray that you will recognize and exercise the gifts the Holy Spirit gives you to be effective in your sphere of influence.

In this episode of Curious Christian, Dr, Tuttle Jr briefly discusses Hinduism and the manner in which Abraham came to the place where he could believe in one God. Much of the story of the Old Testament is the nation of Israel, leaving Egypt, entering the promised land, and being led by judges and kings


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