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Christ is the very image of the invisible God. He partakes of his essence. Jesus is preeminent, because he’s God and he’s the reconciler of all things. Jesus is Lord of Creation and Lord of the Church. Paul calls the Philippians to unity. (46:43)


Flow assignment Colossians 1:15-20

I. Introduction

II. A call to unity for the sake of the gospel (Phil 1:12-2:30)

A. Paul as a model of one who lives wholly for the sake of the gospel (Phil 1:12-26)

B. Exhortations for the church (Phil 1:27-2:18)

C. Exhortations to imitation (Phil 2:19-30)

III. A call to imitate Paul and not the false teachers (Phil 3:1-4:1)

IV. A final call to unity and joy (Phil 4:2-9)

V. Thanksgiving (Phil 4:10-20)

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