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The Impeccability of Christ

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The "impeccability" of Christ deals with the question of whether or not Christ could have sinned. The answer to this question has implications for both His life and ministry. (At the 51 minute mark, the reference to "John the Baptist," Dr. Ware meant to say, "John the Apostle.")


The Person of Jesus Christ (Part 4) (55 minutes)

F. Impeccability of Christ

1. The meaning of impeccability

a. Christ did not sin

b. Christ could not sin

2. The reality of Christ’s temptations

a. Appeal to one’s appetite

b. Desire to have

c. Desire to be wise

3. Conclusions about Christ’s temptation

a. He was fully tempted

b. By never sinning he felt the full weight of temptation

4. Solution: distinguish between why Christ could not sin and why he did not sin

a. As God he could not sin

b. As a man he used resources at his disposal and did not sin

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