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Peacemaking in the Church and Beyond

How conflict and leadership intersect.

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How conflict and leadership intersect.

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    5 hours
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    Certificate for $195
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    Freedom to Lead Int'l
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Lecture 1

Introduction to the Course

Lecture 2

The Gospel of Sin Management

Lecture 3

Discussion of the Gospel

Lecture 4

Sparks that Ignite Conflict

Lecture 5

Conflict Culture in the Church

Lecture 6

Discussion of Conflict Cultures

Lecture 7

Crafting a Culture of Peace

Lecture 8

Unified Leadership, Part 1

Lecture 9

Unified Leadership, Part 2

Lecture 10

Peacemaking Theology, Part 1

Lecture 11

Peacemaking Theology, Part 2

Lecture 12

Responsible Listening, Part 1

Lecture 13

Responsible Listening, Part 2

Lecture 14

Responsible Listening, Part 3

Lecture 15

Responsible Speaking

Lecture 16

The Informal Communication Network and Mediation

Lecture 17

Peacemaking Beyond the Church


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