Free Online Bible Classes | Paul's Second Missionary Journey - Part 2

Paul's Second Missionary Journey - Part 2

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Acts 17:16 - 18:22

After leaving Macedonia, Paul went to Athens. He preached on Mars hill to the Areopagus, using the, “altar to the unknown god,” as a way to explain to them about Jesus. After that, he spent some time in Corinth with Priscilla and Aquila, met up with Silas and Timothy who had recently been in Thessalonica, then traveled back to Jerusalem. On the way, he stopped at Ephesus and Antioch of Syria.



A. The Council of the Areopagus was entrusted to oversee matters pertaining to religion, culture and education in Athens.

B. The Address to the Athenians, 17:22-31

C. Paul quotes the Greek poets Epimenides the Cretan and Aratus of Cilicia:

1. O holy one . . . you are not dead; you live and abide forever, for in you we live and move and have our being. Epimenides the Cretan

2. It is with Zeus that every one of us in every way has to do, for we are also his offspring. Aratus of Cilicia

D. The Response to the Message, 17:32-34


A. The Labor with Aquila and Priscilla, 18:1-3

B. The Ministry in the Synagogue, 18:4

C. The Reunion of the Missionary Team, 18:5

1. Encouraging report.

2. Paul wrote two letters from Corinth:

a. Theme of I Thess. – The need for holy living in light of Christ’s coming.

b. Theme of II Thess. – Corrections concerning the Day of the Lord.

D. The Response to the Word, 18:6-11

E. The Accusation before Gallio, 18:12-17


A. Paul's Vow, 18:18, Numbers 6:21

B. A Visit at Ephesus, 18:19-21

C. Paul left Aquila and Priscilla at Ephesus to lay the groundwork for a future ministry.

D. A Visit at Jerusalem, 18:22

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