Free Online Bible Classes | Paul's Journey to Rome - Part 1

Paul's Journey to Rome - Part 1

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In this section of the book of Acts, you can travel with the Apostle Paul as he is transported to Rome as a prisoner. Just before the last part of the trip, Paul warns the crew to wait for better weather. They proceed anyway and get caught in a storm that destroys the ship near the coast of Malta, where everyone makes it ashore. While they are there, Paul is bit by a poisonous snake, but God miraculously heals him. When they are able to get another ship, they go on their way and arrive in Rome. 


I. PAUL'S VOYAGE BY SEA, 27:1-28:13

A. Background For The Journey

B. The Voyage to Fair Havens, 27:1-8

C. The Storm at Sea, 27:9-26

D. The Shipwreck on Malta, 27:27-44

E. The Ministry on Malta, 28:1-10

F. The Voyage from Malta to Puteoli, 28:11-13

G. Paul's Journey Along the Appian Way, 28:14-16


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