Free Online Bible Classes | Paul’s Letters and Rhetoric (part 2)

Paul’s Letters and Rhetoric (part 2)

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In the Old Testament, “hesed” refers to the love God promised to give to the people to whom he betrothed himself (i.e., Jews). The paradigm of “agape” is God in Christ. On the cross, Christ gave with no thought of return. Paul’s letters were meant to be read in a public discourse setting as an act of worship. An effective rhetorical presentation appeals to both the mind and the emotions of people.


Paul’s Letters and Rhetoric (part 2)

I. Greek words for love

A. Relationship between the Hebrew "hesed" and the Greek "agape”

B. Definition of "agape"

II. Form of Paul's letters

A. Opening statements

B. Discourses meant to be read outloud

C. Worship elements

III. Some NT letters are not really in the letter genre

IV. Paul's letters are discourses with epistolary framework

A. Rhetorical structures in Paul's letters

B. ethos, logos, pathos

C. Preaching suggestions

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