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Pastoral Leadership and Transitions

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How you manage transition is a critical aspect of leadership. Manage your present ministry by keeping in mind that, “Success is not measured by what you are leaving to go to, but by what you are leaving behind.” “Every congregation is a congregation of sinners and worst of all, they have pastors who are sinners.” When circumstances in your ministry are difficult, it may be the time to stay and learn important lessons about you and your congregation, not necessarily to leave right away.


Pastoral Leadership and Transitions

I. Manage Your Present Leadership

II. Be Realistic About the Grass on the Other Side

III. Be Honest About Tough Times

IV. Discover Your Emerging Leaders

A. Take time to disciple someone that could take over for you

B. Ten clues to identifying a possible successor

C. Convince your present board of the wisdom of developing future leaders

V. Release Your Emerging Leaders Into Ministry

VI. Know When It's Time to Leave

A. Initial considerations

B. Helpful keys to thinking about when it's the right time to leave

VII. Step Aside with Integrity

A. Walk away and disconnect to let the board and people connect with the new leader

B. Four types of people that transition

1. Monarchs

2. Generals

3. Ambassadors

4. Governors

VIII. Questions

A. Pray that as the Lord increases your boundaries, that your character will also increase

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