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Lecture 15: Pastoral Leadership and Leading the Staff

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Determine reporting relationships and a structure for accountability. Develop effective staff meetings. Meetings should be regular, clear agenda, predictable time frame, participation, encouragement, focus on the mission vision and operational plan, informational, innovation, nurturing, praying together, discerning and sensitive to cultures. Establish personnel policies including a staff assessment plan and a release plan. 


Pastoral Leadership and Leading the Staff

I. Lead the Staff

A. Determine reporting relationships

B. Establish the proper procedures for supervising

C. Develop effective staff meetings

D. Use the right leadership style

E. Establish personnel policies

F. Establish an assessment plan

G. Have a proper release plan

II. Questions

A. Why are sabbaticals for a pastor important?

B. The importance of mentoring others that will be prepared to step in when a leader takes a sabbatical

C. Balance and common sense in visiting and counseling situations

D. How do you deal with a person in the church who has been convicted of a sex crime?

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36 min 50 sec

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