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Lecture 20: Pastoral Leadership and Finances (Part 1)

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If you manage your own finances well, it will be easier for people in the church to trust you to manage the finances of the church. Teach your congregation principles of how to manage money and how to give wisely.


Pastoral Leadership and Finances (Part 1)

I. Introduction

II. Model Personal Financial Integrity

A. Establish and manage a budget

B. Know the difference between good debt and bad debt

C. Invest strategically

D. Health and life insurance

E. Buying and selling with wisdom

F. Sacrificial kingdom giving

G. Establishing a trust and a will

III. Teach Your Congregation About Money

A. Whenever stewardship or wealth appear in scripture, take the opportunity to preach about it

B. Preach confidently, without apology

C. Preach the following wealth themes

1. Money is dangerous

2. Money has limitations

3. Fragility of wealth

4. Ownership of wealth

5. Wealth indicators

D. Teach on giving

1. Giving should not be just convenient and comfortable

2. Giving should not be tied to an Old Testament system

3. Provide money management seminars

IV. Develop a Sound Structure for Giving

A. General offerings

B. Special offerings

V. Questions

A. What does it mean to give sacrificially?

B. How do you overcome the cynicism of people about giving?

C. Learning discipline with our finances will make a difference in how we give

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42 min 20 sec

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