Free Online Bible Classes | Pastoral Leadership and Conflict (Part 1)

Pastoral Leadership and Conflict (Part 1)

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Conflict is part of our lives anytime we are interacting with other people. According to Alan Redpath, if you are a pastor you are always in crisis, either in the middle of one, coming out of one or going into one. Reasons for conflict include that it’s part of life, the role of a leader, your personal growth, change, style, staff, budgets, preaching and uninspiring results. People often don’t like change, but effective leaders require change to make improvements. Your style of leadership can create conflict because of the expectations of people in your congregation, or what they are accustomed to.


Pastoral Leadership and Conflict (Part 1)

I. Introduction

A. Eugene Peterson description of a "bandlands" time in his life

B. The reality of conflict we face

C. Conflicts we remember

1. The Philippine crisis

2. Ecclesiastes crisis

3. Former pastor crisis

II. Reasons for Conflict

A. It's part of life

B. Because of your leadership role

C. God allows it for our personal growth

III. The Need to Address Conflict

A. Conflict can deplete you if it's not resolved

B. Conflict can distract us

C. Conflict can derail you if not resolved

IV. Respond to Conflict with Wisdom

A. Aversion to change

B. Style of leadership

C. Style of worship

D. Staffing issues

E. Budget decisions

F. Preaching

G. Question about expecting and knowing how to deal with conflict

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