Free Online Bible Classes | Pastoral Leadership and Church Structure (Part 3)

Pastoral Leadership and Church Structure (Part 3)

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Create a culture with a fundamental value of training and becoming leaders. Establish clear qualifications of those who will lead. Create productive meetings that avoid intimidation and manipulation, avoidance of tough issues, personal attacks, digression from the agenda, hot button issues without proper preparation, too much time on money or people issues, leaving the vision and mission out of discussions, people who monopolize and dominate meetings and insistence on unanimity. Have a clear succession plan in place for board members. The staff has the role of daily managing and shepherding and the board focuses on mission and vision.  


Pastoral Leadership and Church Structure (Part 3)

II. Pastoral Leadership and Structure (cont)

E. Maintain healthy working rules

1. Create a leadership ethos

2. Establishing clear qualifications of those who will lead

3. Develop a healthy selection process

4. One governing board

5. Exercise good board rules

6. Create productive meetings

a. Good meetings are carefully prepared

b. Clear agenda

c. Time boundaries

d. Proper procedures

e. Ten things to avoid

7. Clear succession plan

8. Clarify the roles of elders and staff

F. Questions

1. Privacy of board discussions

2. Should staff concerns go through the lead pastor or directly to the board?

3. Should people with disagreements about the pastor go directly to the board?

4. What is the role of staff pastors who have fiduciary responsibilities but aren't board members?

5. Has your wife's advice helped you with a board decision?

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