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Lecture 13: Pastoral Leadership and Church Structure (Part 2)

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The organization should always server the organism. In some churches, the pastoral responsibilities are carried out by one or more of the elders, and in some, the pastor position is distinct from the elders. It’s important for you to make sure that the elders are qualified and that they carry out the duties for which they are responsible.  Recognize the structure in your church and your place in it so you know how to relate to people in a way that helps you to lead effectively.


Pastoral Leadership and Church Structure (Part 2)

II. Pastoral Leadership and Structure (cont)

C. Know the main scriptural texts for each structure (cont)

2. Regarding deacons

3. Regarding elders

b. Qualifications for elders

c. Duties of an elder

D. Be aware of both the necessity and dangers of structure

1. Organism needs structure

2. Churches that grow need more structure and to restructure

3. Dangers of adding too much structure

4. Questions

a. What's the difference between elders and deacons?

b. Gift or calling of leadership

c. In the APEST model, who has the final authority?

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