Pastoral Leadership and Church Structure (Part 1)

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Attention to administration is critical to the health of a church. By administrating effectively, you will have more time for other activities. A certain amount of administration cannot be delegated. Historically, three models for church structure are the Episcopalian, Presbyterian and Congregationalist. Churches need to be led by effective leaders.


Pastoral Leadership and Church Structure (Part 1)

I. Two Misperceptions Regarding Church Leadership

A. Administration is not important to my ministry

1. A finely tuned organization includes a fairly organized pastor

2. When administration is done effectively, it ensures that the work gets done

3. A certain amount of administration cannot be delegated

B. Ministry centers in administration

II. Pastoral Leadership and Structure

A. What should the church structure be?

B. Respect the various leadership structures

1. Episcopalian model

2. Presbyterian model

3. Congregationalist model

C. Know the main scriptural texts for each structure

1. Regarding leaders

III. Questions

A. Are there apostles and prophets today?

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