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Pastoral Care to the Sick

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Jesus devoted part of his ministry to the sick, so you as a pastor should, also. God's not interested in taking us back to where we were, but he's always interested in taking us where we need to go. Sometimes being sick and experiencing pain causes us to focus our attention on God. Call the elders to pray for physical and spiritual healing. Part of the misery of sickness is often solitude. When you visit people in the hospital, be timely, expectant and careful with your words. 


Pastoral Care to the Sick

I. Introduction

II. Ground Rules

A. Know your theology

1. Some believe that healing is not normative today

2. Some believe that healing is the birthright of every believer

3. Some believe that God continues to heal where and when it accomplishes his purposes

4. Role of faith in healing

5. How you should respond to people who are sick?

a. Get the best medical help they can find

b. Encourage people to pray fervently for healing

c. Encourage people to call the elders

B. Exercise wise pastoral care

1. Pastoral care does not wait passively for the sick to come to you

a. Sickness is often a time when people experience loneliness

b. Illness constitutes a crisis

2. Good judgment in a hospital room

a. Be careful with your words

b. Be timely

c. Be expectant

d. Don't be afraid to touch

e. Prepare for the moments that you will experience sickness so you can empathize

III. Questions

A. How do you make time for visiting the sick if you are a pastor of a large church?

B. What about the people that want only the senior pastor?

C. Aging of the population will increase the need for this ministry

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