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Lecture 7: Pastoral Care and the Lord's Supper

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With the sacrament of the Lord's Supper, there is something happening beyond the surface that is sacred and divine. In the act of communion, we should experience an empowering grace. We look back to the Passover when God led the nation of Israel out of Egypt. We look back to Jesus' death on the cross. We celebrate our present communion with God by the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We look forward to the consummation of all things in the future. 


Pastoral Care and the Lord’s Supper (Part 1)

I. Pastoral Care Begins With Your Own Soul

A. Thomas Oden

B. Barbara Brown Taylor

II. Pastoral Care and Ordinances/Sacraments

A. The nature of the term raises questions

B. The Lord's Supper

1. The Lord's Supper in Scripture

a. Essential part of what the early church did

b. It's a core pastoral care act

c. It comes in the context of a meal

d. The Passover

e. The new covenant

f. Gospel passages

g. Jesus' references to him as the Bread and the Wine

h. Early church practice suggests a regular ritual

i. The Lord's Supper looks in different directions

2. The Lord's Supper in history

a. Catholic church teaching of transubstantiation

b. Lutheran church teaching of consubstantiation

c. Zwingli's teaching of symbolism

d. Calvin's teaching of suprasubstantiation

3. The Lord's Supper in practice

a. Treat it with reverence and holiness

b. Guard it so it doesn't become stiff just a formality

c. Celebrate in the context of community

d. Create a context of gratitude

e. Explain the table every time

f. Invite people to search their hearts

g. Administer with creative order, not chaos

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41 min 55 sec

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