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Lecture 3: Pastoral Care and Connecting with People

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Visiting people in their homes is an important part of your ministry as a shepherd. Keep track of who you visit and take notes. Have a plan for a meaningful conversation. As you know people personally, it will make a difference in how you preach and how you pray for people. Pray that the Lord will lead you in what to say and be aware that you may often experience something unexpected. 


Pastoral Care and Connecting with People

I. Introduction

A. Perception of pastors as psychological therapists

B. Visitation

II. Connecting with People Personally is a Requirement

III. Biblical Examples

A. God visited Abraham, Moses and others

B. Jesus left heaven and visited people in their context

C. Early church leaders honored the role of visitation

D. Early Church history reveals a ministry of visitation

E. Richard Baxter's church/p>

IV. Essentials for Connecting

A. Order

B. Intentionality

C. Listening

D. Prayer

E. Share a needed word

V. Rewards for connecting

A. You are participating with God

B. You are authenticating your ministry

C. It enhances your preaching

D. It gives relationships a chance to grow

E. It counters loneliness

F. It allows us to pray effectively

G. It builds endearment

V. Risks That Come with Connecting

A. It can interrupt other necessary demands

B. It can be unnerving

C. It can turn into wasted time

VI. We Need to Recover Face-to-Face Interaction

VII. Questions

A. Should lay leaders visit the homes of people in their groups?

B. Importance of valuing people as individuals

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