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Lecture 9: Pastoral Care and Baptism

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Baptism is a sacred ceremony so you as a pastor should treat it with care. People have different views on baptism as it relates to who should participate, the mode used and it’s function as a means of grace or ordinance. Dr. Johnson says that baptism doesn’t produce change, it announces change. As one way to prepare for their baptism, the person who is being baptized can write our their testimony in a way that people who aren’t believers can understand it.


Pastoral Care and Baptism

I. Baptism in Scripture

A. Pastoral care

B. An act of cleansing

C. Identification

D. Initiation

II. Baptism in History

A. Participants

B. Mode

C. Means of grace/ordinance

III. Baptism in Pastoral Practice

A. Administer with preparation

B. Administer with passion and not indifference

C. Administer with holiness and not disrespect

D. Administer with order and not chaos

E. Administer with thoughtful creativity

F. Administer with the unchurched in mind

IV. Practical Questions

A. Should baptism be required for church membership?

B. How old should children be?

C. Who can baptize?

D. Private or public?

E. Can we be baptized again?

F. When should a person be baptized?

G. What if they are from an unchurched family and their parents forbid it?

H. What about a person that was baptized by sprinkling then came to Christ later?

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34 min

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