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Questions from a Pastor

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Questions about how a pastor and worship leader can work together to create a seamless worship experience and model working together in relationship.


1. What do you do during the week so that in your weekly service the worship pastor and preaching pastor create a seamless worship experience?

2. What kind of interaction is important between the worship leader and preaching pastor?

3. How do you create an environment that allows the pastor and worship leader to critique what happens in the worship service?

4. How do you blend the worship and preaching times together?

5. Does your speaking as a worship leader focus just on the songs or tie into the sermon?

6. How do you encourage the cycle of revelation and response?

7. How do you balance the musical desires and growth trajectory of the worship team with what's helpful for leading people in worship?

8. Does repetition of words in a chorus add to it or detract from it?

9. How do you handle it when people gossip or complain to you about the worship team or staff?

10. Song: Everlasting

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