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Tanuj Paul Masih

Paul and his father, Pastor Nazir, are responsible for approximately 1,000 house churches from Kashmir to Rajasthan with 105 full-time pastors and church planters and 214 lay pastors and leaders. They use our Foundations curriculum and are beginning the translation process. Here is the video he made for BiblicalTraining and a few pictures of their main church.

Pastor Nazir is on the left. Pastor Ramjit Hundalon the right. He is the pastor of the 1st Baptist Church of Amritsar. The man to the right of Pastor Nazir is a member of Pastor Ramjit Hundalon's church. When is he not working he spends all of his time at the church praying for the church and anyone who comes by needing prayer. Some days he is praying for the church more than 12 hours. The last picture is the result of constant prayer.

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