BiblicalTraining's expertise lies in our ability to create and distribute world-class educational materials. Those are our core competencies.

But we also recognize that education needs to be holistic, training not just the head but also the heart and hands, and this only happens in community. So a core value of BiblicalTraining is to find like-minded ministries that can use our content and delivery system and will provide the mentoring community. Here are some of those ministries.


East Mountain is a ministry based in South Africa that flips their classroom, uses our materials for the head portion of the students' education, and then meets regularly to discuss and to encourage spiritual growth.

Tanuj Paul Masih and his father, Pastor Nazir, are responsible for approximately 1,000 house churches from Kashmir to Rajasthan with 105 full-time pastors and church planters and 214 lay pastors and leaders.


By using the term "partners," we are not saying that there is some legal or business connection between BiblicalTraining and our "partners." The connection is one of vision. In fact, we have two types of partners.

  1. Many ministries use our materials and, at a minimum, state that they are from BiblicalTraining. All that we ask is that the source is clearly stated, and that we have no formal connection to your ministry. BiblicalTraining does not endorse the ministry of these organizations.
  2. Other ministries are full partners working together with us to achieve our goals. These partners have a relationship with us and agree with our Statement of Faith. They are listed to the left.