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Parables (part 1)

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Parable comes from a word meaning figurative or metaphorical speech of any kind. They are analogies and part of wisdom literature. Jesus purposefully spoke in public in figurative ways to challenge people to think about the ideas he was presenting. He gives us insights into God’s character and the relationship between him and God the Father.


Parables (pt 1)

I. Parables

A. Definition of parables

B. Three parables about lostness

1. Parables vs. allegories

2. Parables of the lost sheep and the lost coin

3. Parable of the prodigal son

4. Widow and the unjust judge

5. Pharisee and the tax collector

C. Insights into the relationship between God the Father and Jesus

1. Jesus as begotten

2. Jesus' human nature

3. Uses of "father" in the New Testament

4. God is the life-giver

5. Summary

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