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Lecture 1: Overview of Worship Leadership Training

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Worship leaders have an opportunity to paint a picture of eternity to reveal how beautiful and powerful God is. Worship can be defined as the mind’s attention and the heart’s affection expressed. Biblical worship is both individual and corporate worship. In each worship service, you as a worship leader should focus on communicating the one thing people in the congregation need to know, what they need to do and how you can help them remember it.

Worship 1


I. Overview

A. A way of thinking about worship leadership

B. The focus is corporate worship

C. Zion National Park

II. Definition of Terms

A. Worship

B. Biblical worship

1. Individual

2. Corporate

III. Outline of the Course

IV. Conclusion

A. The call to worship leadership is to be a shepherd and a servant

B. Engage with this material and the Holy Spirit

C. Poem

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16 min 55 sec

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