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Lecture 1: Overview of OT Theology

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How to think about and interpret the Old Testament


I. Approaches to Old Testament Introductions

II. Presuppositions

a. The Bible is Inspired

b. The Bible is Inerrant

c. The Bible is Authoritative

III. Assumptions

a. The Christian Bible Includes both Old and New Testaments

b. The Old Testament is just as Christian as the New Testament

c. God is the Primary Author of the Old Testament

IV. Basic Methodology

a. Providing the Big Picture

b. Dealing with the Final Form of the Bible

V. Basic Epistemology

a. We Need Divine Help to Understand the Bible

b. We Need Divine Help to Believe the Bible

VI. The Goals for this Course

a. Outline the Basic History of Israel

b. Describe the Basic Structure of the Old Testament

c. Summarize the Basic Content of Each Book

d. Proclaim the Christological Significance

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