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Galatians - Outline

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Paul begins by defending his apostleship. He then explains justification by faith and gives some ethical exhortations. (The lecture does not cover points C. Ethical Exhortations (5:1-6:10) and D. Conclusion (6:11-18), but we included the outline points for your benefit.)


Lesson Twenty-two: Galatians

Part 2

II. Outline

A. Salutation (1:1-5)

B. Body (1:6-4:31)

1. Defense of Paul's Independent Apostleship (1:6-2:21)

a. Summary of his defense (1:6-12)

b. Not due to his pre-conversion life (1:13-14)

c. Not going immediately to Jerusalem (1:15-17)

d. Brief visit to Jerusalem (1:18-20)

e. Not from or through man (1:21-2:10)

f. Rebuke of Peter (2:11-14)

g. Transition (2:15-21)

2. Defense of the Gospel (3:1-4:31)

a. Galatians received the Spirit by faith (3:1-5)

b. Abraham was justified by faith alone (3:6-9)

c. Law only condemns (3:10-14)

d. Cannot nullify the earlier covenant (3:15-18)

e. Law's Purpose (3:19-4:7)

i. Condemns (3:19-22)

ii. Tutor for a period (3:23-29)

iii. Now sons of God (4:1-7)

f. Expression of frustration with Galatians (4:8-11)

g. Exhortation to follow Paul's example (4:12-20)

h. The allegory of Sarah and Hagar (4:21-31)

C. Ethical Exhortation (5:1-6:10)

1. Freedom vs. Bondage (5:1-12)

2. Freedom to be exercised in love (5:13-15)

3. Walk in the Spirit (5:16-25)

4. Bear each other's burdens (6:1-6)

5. Walk in the Spirit (6:7-10)

D. Conclusion (6:11-18)

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