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Acts 1:8 is the theme verse for the whole book. The structure of the book of Acts shows how this theme was fulfilled by recording events relating the spread of the gospel geographically.


The Book of Acts

Part 4

IV.  Outline and Speeches

A.  Outline

1.  Theme Verse - 1:8

2.  Divisions show fulfillment of the theme

a.  1:1-6:7 – To Jerusalem

b.  6:8-9:31 – To Palestine

c.  9:32-12:24 – To Syria

d.  12:25-16:5 – To Asia Minor

e.  16:6-19:20 – To Europe

f.  19:21-28:31 – To Rome (Ends of the Earth)

B.  Speeches

1.  Critical Scholars

2.  Arguments against

a.  Speeches have different content.

b.  Speeches have different emphases.

c.  Good historians reproduced what speaker said.

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