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Our Knowledge of God

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Christian doctrine tells us what Christians believe about God. But before we can discuss what we believe about God, we must tackle the preliminary question of how we come to know about God, and to learn about his existence, character and actions. This question is one of crucial importance, for the differences between the various theological positions Christians hold very often depend on differences in how knowledge of God is thought to be obtained.


1. Introduction

A. Christian experience

B. Reason

2. Revelation in nature (Isaiah 40)

A. Cosmological argument

B. Teleological argument

C. Moral argument

3. Revelation in history (Psalm 78)

4. Revelation in Jesus Christ (John 5:19-47)

5. Revelation in the Bible (Revelation 1)

A. Historical record

B. Explanatory commentary

6. The Inspiration of the Bible (2 Timothy 3:14-17)

A. God's Dealings with Israel

B. God’s revelation in Jesus and the life of the church

7. The Reliability and Infallibility of the Bible (Luke1:1-4)

A. The Bible is a full and reliable revelation of God

B. The Bible is written in popular language

C. The Bible records a developing revelation of God over many centuries to many different people

D. The basic outline of biblical history can be shown to be dependable

E. Many of the alleged difficulties in the Bible are due to our failure to interpret it correctly

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