Old Testament Survey New Class Fundraiser

Old Testament Survey Fundraiser

The class is being recorded March 22–26, 2021. Thank you to all who have helped raise 8,633 (35%) of our $25,000 goal! If you have not yet donated, would you consider donating today? Your donation helps us cover the costs of recording, editing and creating supplementary material for this Old Testament Survey class. As is the case for all our new content, the only way we can complete the production of this class is through your generosity!

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Join us

You can also JOIN US in our recording studio with Dr. Miles van Pelt. Our professors find that it is an enormous benefit to be able to record in front of a live audience and this, in turn, makes your learning experience better. At the end of each lesson, you get to ask questions and interact with Dr. van Pelt.

Who is Dr. Miles van Pelt?

Miles V. Van Pelt, Ph.D. is the Alan Hayes Belcher, Jr. Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Languages, Director of the Summer Institute for Biblical Languages, and Academic Dean for the Jackson and Brazil campuses. Miles has a strong commitment to and passion for teaching students the Bible in its original languages and has published extensively in the area of Hebrew and Aramaic language instruction, as well as biblical theology. Miles teaches Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, Hebrew Exegesis, Joshua-Esther, and courses on the books of Judges and The Song of Songs at the Reformed Theological Seminary.v

Miles has written numerous books, including the best selling Basics of Biblical Hebrew. He has also served as an editor of A Biblical–Theological Introduction to the Old Testament: The Gospel Promised and currently serves as an Associate Editor for Zondervan’s Exegetical Commentary on the Old Testament.

How will this class help you grow spiritually?

Miles will provide insights on the Old Testament based on the unique perspective that he brings because of his understanding of the text and his knowledge of the original languages. He has an engaging style that will draw you into the story of how God created the world and has continued to pursue a relationship with us from the beginning.

From the books of the Law through the historical books, to the poetry of the writings and the messages of the prophets, the character of God and his plan will unfold before your eyes. Take advantage of this opportunity to see what God is doing in the world, throughout history, and in your life.

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