Numbers and Deuteronomy

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Numbers begins with Israel ready to take the Land that God promised to Abraham. The people enter the promised land but Moses and Aaron do not. Deuteronomy emphasizes the fact that God renews His covenant with His people. Passages like Deuteronomy chapter 8 indicate that the love of God is the most important motivation for their service. Moses ends by telling the people that the words of the covenant are their lives, not just idle words.


I. Introduction

II. Numbers

A. Departure from Sinai (1:1 – 10:10)

B. Israelites lose their opportunity to gain the Promised Land (10:11 – 21)

C. A new generation enters the Promised Land (22–36)

III. Deuteronomy

A. Covenant Structure

1. Preamble (1:1-5)

2. Historical prologue (1:6-4:49)

3. General stipulations (5–11)

4. Specific stipulations (12–26)

5. Blessings and consequences (27–28)

6. Witnesses and ratification (29–33)

B. Sections

1. God renews his covenant with His people by reminding them of the past (1–4)

2. Basic rules for possessing the land (5–11)

3. Specific rules for possessing the land (12–26)

4. Blessings and consequences of obedience or disobedience to God’s law (27–28)

5. The people gather to hear the last words of Moses and affirm the covenant (29–33)

6. Moses dies (34)



49 min