Resources for Class on World Religions


Click here to download an outline for the Hindu lectures.


Christianity at the Religious Roundtable: Evangelicalism in Conversation with Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam – Timothy Tennent 
Hinduism, the Basics – Herbert Ellinger 
Sacred Thread – John Brockington 
The World of Gurus – Vishal Mangalwadi, 1977 
Catholic Belief - 15th edition 
Indian Christian Theology – Robin Boyd 
Finding Jesus in Dharma – Chaturvedi Badrinath


The Koran, N.J. Dawood, trans., Penguin Books, 1983. 
Islam: The Straight Path, 3rd edition, John L. Esposito, Oxford University Press, 1998.
The Word of Islam, J. Alden Williams, University of Texas Press, 1984.


Buddhist Priests Choose Christ, published by Dawn Press, 1989
The Unexpected Way - Paul Williams
Sharing Jesus effectively in the Buddhist World - David Lim
Sharing Jesus in the Buddhist World - David Lim and Spalding

African Traditional Religion

The flaw of the Excluded Middle – Paul Hebert Concepts of God in Africa – Mbiti