Personal Bible Study Library

For those  who want to get a develop a basic library, here are our recommendations. With these books, you can do almost any  Bible study.

Study Bible

A study Bible gives you not only the biblical text but also notes along the bottom of the page and also between the biblcal books. These notes do not carry divine authority, but they do show you what qualified evangelical scholars believe the text means.

  • The NIV Study Bible uses the NIV (1984 edition) and is the standard study Bible today.
  • The ESV Study Bible is a recent publication that includes not only highly qualified notes but a tremendous amount of valuable information about the Bible in general.


  • BibleGateway
  • Software
  • Naves.


  • Back of Bible
  • IVP
  • Zondervan

Bible Dictionary

  • BiblicalTraining Library
  • One volume
  • Multi-volume


  • One volume
  • Two volume