September 4, 2020

We Loved the Diploma Program

About a year ago, four women met in my coaching office to begin a journey together studying the Foundations Bible Diploma Program (Track 2) on Our experience was great, and we all encourage you to find a group of people and take the program.

Let me introduce you to the women in my group. Kimmy is a homeschool mom and enjoys the gift of hospitality. She invites women into her home and cultivates quiet refreshment from the Lord for women to have silent prayer retreats. Sheryl, with her husband, owns a dementia retirement home plus she runs a non-profit called “Our City Cares,” which is a suicide prevention organization. Tracie was just hired on staff at the local church as the Women’s Pastor. And I work with women who have experienced severe heartache and loss.

We came together because we wanted to go deeper in our Bible study. We wanted to become a stronger force in our biblical theology and understand how the Old Testament and New Testament work together. We wanted to grow in our faith and also develop an informed love for the Lord.

Every Tuesday night at 4:00 p.m. we met at my office for two hours. We challenged each other with our insights, laughed together, prayed together, and sometimes cried together, but most importantly we grew in our understanding of God’s word.

Then COVID-19 hit. Everyone went to their sheltering places. The malaise of “what do I do with my extra time and weird schedule?” felt overwhelming. I’ve learned that COVID-19 can bring the best or the worst out in people, but these women continued to study and grow through their classes. We Zoomed every week for the rest of the program. became an anchor that we all held on to as we were isolated in our homes.

Kimmy ended up moving to Nashville and she even Zoomed in her car as they were traveling across the country. Tracie weathered obstacles as her 23-year-old son was diagnosed with cancer, but she continued to plow through the diploma program and held onto God’s word as she worked through the painful heartache with her son. Sheryl hit many obstacles with her non-profit because of COVID-19 restrictions. I spent time cultivating relationships with our adult children, welcomed our first grandchild and connected on a deeper level with friends. We all agree that the classes in the Foundations Bible Diploma Program (track 2) helped give us stability in a time of uncertainty as we focused our minds and our hearts on the study of God’s word. 

There were times when it took extra determination to stick to the schedule. We each fell behind a few times because of unexpected events but we made the effort to encourage each other because we were committed to complete the journey together. I encourage you to get a group together, follow the schedule that BT has set, and to finish the program strong... no matter what kind of obstacles you encounter.

Robin M.

The Foundations Bible Diploma provides you with a structured way to learn the Bible and spiritual formation at a foundational level. It makes use of the core Foundations classes, provides a 9-month schedule, and encourages you to work through the classes with a group of people either in person or online.

For $495, you have access to 47 lecture hours, a 5 question online multiple choice quiz for each lecture, a paperback Student’s Guide for each class (U.S. & Canada) and a Zoom webinar with Dr. Bill Mounce at the end of each class. Upon completing all the classes, you will be awarded a printed Diploma of Completion. (If you are a teacher at an ACSI member school, this also qualifies for 5 CEU credits.) While you can enroll at any time, the live webinars will be scheduled based on the 9-month schedule beginning mid-September. Click here to learn more about the Diploma, Tracks 1 and 2.

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