August 24, 2020

The Pastoral Epistles, A Free Institute-Level Class

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The Pastoral Epistles contain some of the most practical advice in the New Testament on what makes a good leader in the church. 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus give you instructions in being a leader, identifying leaders and discipling leaders. If there is one crucial principle about leadership, it is that character matters. As you work through each lecture with Dr. Mounce, you will learn how to handle heresy, appoint qualified leaders, take care of those who may not be able to care for themselves, and especially how to encourage one another in ministry. The Pastoral Epistles is an excellent class for pastors, lay leaders, mentors, and small group leaders. Lecture notes and outlines are available as free downloads once you enroll. You can listen online or on our mobile app

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"I really appreciate this site! With a family at home I can’t take time off work to attend a Bible college, but this lets me get a similar education listening while at work and studying at home. I also greatly appreciate its free; with a family to support the cost normally associated with these courses would be out of reach. Thank you!"

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