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June 15, 2020

New Student's Guide: Bible Study Methods, Dr. Mark Strauss

Student's Guide

We are pleased to be able to offer you a new Student's Guide for's Academy level class, Bible Study Methods, taught by Dr. Mark Strauss from Bethel Seminary. Dr. Strauss is the University Professor of New Testament. He is an engaging teacher who specializes in Greek, Hermeneutics, New Testament Survey, Exegetical Explorations, and other New Testament Electives. 

In this class, Bible Study Methods, Mark takes you through an introduction to hermeneutics, principles for exegesis, and word studies to answer the following questions: What is Bible study? Why do you study these specific 66 books? What type of literature are you studying? What are the practical steps you should take? How do you determine a word's meaning? How do you apply the text to your life? 

You can listen online at or download the audio lectures with our iOS and Android app.

This is another great resource for small group facilitators and online small groups. A hardcopy of the guide is available for purchase through Amazon and is also available as a free PDF download upon enrolling in this class. Enrollment is free.  A discussion forum is also available upon enrollment. Learn how to join an existing online group and discussion forum or create a new one.

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”Thanks so much for the great courses provided online and on the app. I am attempting to do some studies with friends in Africa. For one the app works well and he can watch each lesson. I'm online with one of them now. We are studying together. What a blessing.”

David R.

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