September 30, 2020

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I am excited to be using your free class, Life is a Journey, as my [9th grade] daughter's Bible class as we home-school. We will do this together! Thanks so much....and God Bless! Carol 

Worship Student's Guide

What can you learn from worship and spiritual formation in the Old and New Testaments that helps you design and lead worship experiences today? What can you learn from the early church about worship and spiritual formation? What can you learn from worship and Christian format? What are some of the theological principles that guide you as you plan and lead worship experiences? How does/should worship interface with a third great task of the Church—evangelism? These are just some of the issues that Dr. Gary Parrett, from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, addresses in this free online class, "Worship." 

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If you have not already enrolled in the Fall Foundations Bible Diploma programs (Track 1 or Track 2), now is a great time to do so to stay on schedule. For those of you who have enrolled in the Diploma, your first live Zoom Webinar with our President Dr. Bill Mounce is scheduled for WednesdayNovember 4 at 6 pm (Pacific Time). 

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