Free Online Bible Classes | Help us continue this ministry! (updated link to video)
July 8, 2020

Help us continue this ministry! (updated link to video)

Click here to watch Bill talk about upcoming classes. (updated link)

We want to thank you for being a part of this ministry. We are thankful for those of you who give so generously so that BiblicalTraining can continue to provide quality resources for those who want to know Christ more profoundly. As a non-profit, we depend heavily on donations for our operational expenses. If you are financially able, would you consider becoming a recurring donor to this ministry?

Please Donate Now  

Another way you can help is by letting your friends, small group, and church know about and what it has meant for your spiritual walk. Your continued prayers and encouraging letters are very appreciated by all of our staff. 

Future Projects

If you are interested in donating for specific projects, you can click here to see which ones we are currently fundraising for, including the Old Testament Survey class with Dr. Miles Van Pelt. This was originally scheduled to record here in Washougal, WA in early March, but was postponed because of the COVID-19 outbreak. The recording is now tentatively scheduled for October 5th.  


"I just wanted to quickly write and let you know that I was recently saved and the Holy Spirit led me to your website and classes and I am spending a lot of time taking them and they have been a true blessing for me. I am so thankful. I truly did not know what it meant to be saved before this, although I identified with being a believer in Jesus and being a Christian my entire life. I will recommend your classes to everyone I know! Sunday morning church is just not enough and so many people don’t understand that. To truly love Christ you have to know exactly what our history is and understand what the Bible means. 

I’ve often found the language hard to understand but now I can open my bible and figure it out! I am thrilled! My entire life has been transformed and I have donated to your website and I will continue to do so in hopes it will continue and new classes will be made available. I have just about gone through the entire Old Testament and am beginning to start on the New Testament. Things I thought I knew for a long time turns out I really didn’t. Anyway, just so grateful to your team. There are many false teachers and I feel I can truly trust your classes and teachers. They teach the exact truth of the Bible and nothing outlandish. Anyway, thank you again so much."
God Bless, Michelle C.


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