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August 19, 2018

Fundraiser: Worship Pastors and Worship Teams

Carl and Heather Cartee

Thank you to all of you who have participated in this fundraiser! As of November 7, 2018 we have received $6,670 of our $25,000 goal.

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I have been waiting literally years to announce this new class. And every year that passes has become more and more frustrating.

The fact of the matter is that most worship pastors are trained in music but not in worship, and many worship teams struggle to know how to encourage others to worship. This is not the old problem of "hymns vs. choruses." It is the issue of how do the leaders worship, and how do they lead others into the community worship of our King? 

I was therefore absolutely delighted to be introduced to Carl Cartee and his wife Heather.  They are superb musicians; Carl has been awarded two Dove awards. But Carl has also been running worship conferences and 9 month worship internships, trying to meet this particular need of the church.

But more than their musical ability and deep understanding of the true nature of worship, I was delighted to find in both of them a deep love for Jesus and for the church, someone who was as quick to talk about the worship leader's character as he was to talk about their musical ability. This was the combination for which I had been looking. We have an excellent seminar and seminary class on worship from Dr. Gary Parrett, but Carl's talks will fill in the gaps, especially the most practical issues faced in today's "worship wars."

This is an expensive recording as it involves traveling to Nashville and recording in their church setting. Would you please help make this a reality? Would you please donate toward the production costs of this class so it can be given away for free to all? We need to raise $25,000 to make this a reality, and to help those struggling to know how to lead us in true, biblical worship.

As has become our custom, for gifts of $100 or more we are glad to send you the videos for the entire course on flash drive (for those living inside the US).

Please, let's help train worship pastors and worship team members around the world.

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P.S. Here are a few snippets of Carl's work.

Here is a short bio.

Carl and Heather Cartee are a husband and wife duo who have been making music together since the first time they met. A college choir was the setting where they became fast friends before falling in love and getting married. A lifelong musician, Carl had already been playing concerts and recording music when they were married but a busy travel schedule kept them apart in their first year of marriage. Their family motto, “together is better”, led them to do whatever it took to stay close and share life together. Heather quit her job, joined Carl and became the perfect addition to the music. They’ve been at it for over 17 years. Their ministry of leading worship, writing songs and mentoring musicians has taken them all over the world together and their family has grown to include a mighty tribe of four boys, Oak, Ezra, Abe and Ike.

Carl Cartee