Free Online Bible Classes | Take advantage of our free online resources to stay spiritually fed!
March 18, 2020

Take advantage of our free online resources to stay spiritually fed!

We live in strange times. Toilet paper shortage. Canned vegetable shelves empty. Governors telling churches they can’t meet. Small groups on hold. Children home all day long.  Fortunately, none of this affects, and we have some suggestions for learning and growing spiritually during these challenging times.


Perhaps you can work through our basic discipleship class as a family, listening to the talks, talking through the Reflection Questions, or even journal with the free Student's Guide PDF. Life is a Journey is a great starting point.

The 52 Major Stories of the Bible class is an excellent Bible study, introducing your children to the major people and events of the Bible.

Take Your Small Group Online

Online Small GroupWith BiblicalTraininig you and your small group can enroll in a class and create a private online group where you can have discussions. Simply enroll and select "Enroll and create a private group." This generates a group code that you can share with the rest of your small group, who will Enroll and select "Enroll, and join an existing group." 

Have you ever talked through the process of what it is to grow spiritually? Enroll in Basics of Spiritual Growth.

Or perhaps you could use this period of time to make sure all of you are clear on what you believe and why. Enroll in A Guide to Christian Beliefs.

If you lead a small group, you would benefit from the seminar on Small Group Dynamics.

There are also many different seminars that might be of interest to you, such as our seminars on world religions and how Christians can relate to people of other faiths such as,

Worship Teams

This is a great time for people involved in worship to be reminded of what they are doing and why. Essentials of Worship is a more theological discussion of worship, while Worship Pastors and their Teams covers many of the practical issues of leading worship.

Our hope is that we make the best use of these times to train ourselves, our children, and our closest friends. As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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