Free Online Bible Classes | Free class on Revelation from our friends at Credo House
March 15, 2019

Free class on Revelation from our friends at Credo House

Credo House is offering a free download of their class on Revelation. It is taught by Mark Hitchcock, who is premillennial and pretribulation (if you are familiar with the terminology). Credo tells us that he is balanced and irenic (peaceful), if not a bit over-zealous.

Here is Credo's description: "Dr. Mark Hitchcock is an Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary and the Senior Pastor at Faith Bible Church in Edmond, OK. He has written or contributed to over 27 books on biblical prophecy. This class covers the entire book of Revelation and addresses many issues Christians debate to this day."

Just select either the "Revelation - Digital Audio" or "The Book of Revelation - Digital Video" option. This offer is available for a limited time.

Go to Credo House

As always on these offers, Credo House's material is high quality but may not agree with's statement of faith.

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