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May 19, 2020

Free Biblical Theology Resources

What value is there to attempt to know the unknowable or to try to understand someone that, by their own description, is beyond our understanding? 

Even though we cannot know everything there is to know about God, there are some things you can know because he has revealed them to you. You can develop a systematic theology as you contemplate what you experience in nature, what you can read in the Bible, and what you can know from history.

In Systematic Theology 1 & 2, Dr. Ware presents the basic doctrines of Christianity in a way that informs, encourages, and challenges you. You can create a PRIVATE ONLINE GROUP and gain access to DISCUSSION FORUMS which make it easier to motivate and interact with each other as you study together. Best of all, you have access to supplementary materials. ENROLL TODAY!

Join Dr. Bruce Ware as he leads you in understanding the core teachings of Scripture in a way that helps you articulate your systematic theology, deepen your relationship with God and live out your life as a changed person. ENROLL FOR FREE TODAY!



We have been using [BT's] content for a thing we call “Redemption Academy.” We offer men’s Bible studies in the fall, winter, and summer but for men that want to go deeper and get more into theology we give them this “Redemption Academy” option. They meet on Saturday mornings and watch or listen to the lecture together and then discuss it. The men are loving it and are being challenged. Many of them have never really dug deep into theology so this stuff is all new to them. It’s been a huge blessing to our church. We look forward to using more of your stuff in the future and will always do our best to throw some money your way. The men who do this class actually give it, so it’s coming from them.

Austin Mccann, Associate Pastor, Redemption Chapel

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