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March 20, 2019

Chinese Life is a Journey

Life is a Journey, Chinese Translation

We are delighted to announce that the Chinese version of our discipleship class, Life is a Journey, is now available. If you are Chinese, know a missionary to China, attend a Chinese-American church, or know a Chinese student at your local university, please let them know about this class (Mandarin audio and transcript available).

There are 350,000 Chinese students and scholars in the US. Over 100,000 go home every year without having heard the gospel or meeting a Christian. Some of them will become interested in the gospel or become a follower of Christ while here at a US university. But after returning to their country they could face real limitations.  If they are caught having a church meeting in their home they will be warned once; if they are caught a second time, they could be fined several month's salary.

All this means that one of the most effective ways to reach these 1.4 billion people is to connect with their future leaders while outside their country and use media to disperse the gospel within the country.

Would you please help us? Would you tell your Chinese friends about this free class, and let them know they are free to make as many copies as they want. The course is available as an audio recording in Mandarin Chinese, or in written Chinese. Of course, they can also listen in Chinese and read along in Mandarin.

Both of these links will go to the course. The first one makes it easy for Chinese users to remember and spread among their friends.

Thank you again for your use and support of

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