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April 23, 2019

Changes are coming to BiblicalTraining

In several weeks, you will see changes as to how works. We are re-focusing our efforts on helping groups in the church, and especially leaders of groups. Our goal is to help people grow into deeper and deeper spiritual maturity, and that means a renewed emp[hasis on group technology (or what we call "cohorts").


Before getting to the changes, I wanted to ask if you would help us. We want to know how we are doing. Would you be willing to take a short poll? It has one question and the ability to tell us what you would like to see us do better.

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Login Screen

In order to serve you better, we are asking you to log into your user account in order to access the classes. What hasn't changed is our commitment to your privacy and to our core value of all classes being free. All your private information is absolutely safe, stored in our secure servers.



Enrollment screen

You will need to enroll (for free) in order to attend a class. The first lesson in each chapter will be available without enrolling, and you can always scan the transcriptions to see what is in the other lessons.

Enrolling will give you significant features:

  • Full access to the video and audio
  • Access to all the supporting materials
  • You will be able to track your progress through the class, seeing where you left off;
  • We will be able to encourage you to complete the course;
  • Discussion forums will be available for you to ask and answer questions, hopefully on the apps as well as the website;
  • You can create your own private "cohort," which will allow you to study the course with your friends;
  • When you complete the course, you will be awarded a badge in your dashboard and the class will be entered into your transcript (available in your user dashboard).


The other change is that our audio will no longer be able to be downloaded. However, our apps have all been updated and you can download all the lessons and PDFs for a class and access them offline. (Use the link icon in the upper right for downloading PDFs and seeing the other links for the course.) We are also looking into downloading the video.

All of these changes are to enable us to serve you better. Thank you so much for using, and for trusting us and helping us to better serve you and Christians around the world.

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