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June 8, 2020

Biblical Hermeneutics, A Small-Group Ready Class

Have you ever wondered how to even start to study your Bible? Are the rules for interpreting narrative, prophecy, and poetry different for each genre? Dr. Robert Stein, from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, is an engaging speaker and expert in this field and many have benefited from his class, Biblical Hermeneutics

We at BiblicalTraining have spent the last few months working to make this Institute-level class, Biblical Hermeneutics "small group ready."

This means that you and your groups can now benefit from 39 short audio lectures along with other supplementary material Our updated Student's Guide is available for purchase on Amazon for $12.95 or as a free PDF download upon enrollment. Reflection questions at the end of every chapter help facilitate group discussion and encourage introspection and next steps in your spiritual walk. Outlines and transcriptions are also available. Enroll for free online or start listening on our iOS or Android app. 


"I have learned a lot from BiblicalTraining. I enjoyed lectures by Dr. Ben Witherington, Dr. Craig Blomberg, Dr. Robert Stein and many other teachers. Many, many thanks for making world-class teaching available online free of charge. Amazing that I could access it from Pakistan. Thank you again."


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