Free Online Bible Classes | Free Bible Studies for this Fall
August 1, 2018

Free Bible Studies for this Fall

As summer comes to an end, many of us are returning to our fall Bible studies, trying to decide what we should study. We recommend that you check out the seminars in We have a wide variety of topics, including:

If you are leading a small group, then Small Group Dynamics is especially important.

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  • You can watch/listen to them when you are together, or better yet, listen to them on your own and gather to discuss and interact with the content.
  • Most are three hours long and break into 30 minute sections.
  • Our seminars are all taught by top Biblical professors and are ideal for small groups, women and men Bible studies, or Sunday School.
  • All of our seminars are free of charge and many have Student Guides that can be downloaded for free as a PDF or purchased if you need them in paperback (US and Canada).

If you have any questions, please call Ed or Rebekah and they will be glad to help.

Bill Mounce