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New Class: Listen to the Land

August 9, 2021
We are so delighted to announce this new, fully-funded class on historical geography entitled, Listen to the Land. This was, personally, my favorite topic in seminary. It connects the text of the Bible with the geography of the land, helping make both come alive. If you can’t tour Israel, or if you are planning on doing so, this is an ideal class to help you understand the land of Abraham, David, and Jesus.
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New Class: Essentials of Catholic Theology

July 3, 2021
We are delighted to announce this three-and-a-half-hour seminar on the basic theology of Catholicism. I have been looking for years to find just the right person to teach this class. The teacher had to be an expert in Protestant and Catholic theology, and had to be irenic and non-combative. We found him!
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Old Testament Survey, w/ Dr. Miles Van Pelt — still time to give

March 18, 2021
We are excited to invite you to help create this Old Testament Survey class with Dr. Miles van Pelt. Miles will be recording March 21 — March 25, 2021. This class was supposed to have been recorded last year, but COVID forced us to delay. Thank you to all who have already donated for the recording of this class. To date, we have received $8,633 (35%) of our $25,000 goal! If you have not yet donated, would you consider doing so today?
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Thank you from all of us at BiblicalTraining

January 15, 2021
We pray you know God's constant presence and the outpouring of his blessings through any circumstance this year. We have been so encouraged by the many notes we have received from you about what BiblicalTraining's resources have meant to your spiritual life. We also appreciate your prayers for our staff. The generosity of our donors this Giving Season has been incredible and helped us reach over double our $75,000 fundraising goal!  We are hoping to record the following classes this year:
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You still have an opportunity!

December 8, 2020
We missed you on Giving Tuesday last week, but there is still an opportunity to support BiblicalTraining before the end of the year! Over 80 donors helped us raise over $24,000 of our $75,000 Giving Season goal. Would you help us reach the rest of our giving goal?
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