New Believers

If you are a new follower of Jesus, then we have two classes specifically for you. We have also found that if you have been a believer for some time, these classes can help remind you of the basic truths of Christianity. Both classes are by Dr. Bill Mounce.

Now that I Believe. Your First Steps with God

This class is designed specifically to help you start your spiritual journey. It has twelve talks and a workbook. Our hope is that you will find a spiritual mentor who will work through the workbook, listen to the talks with you, answer questions, and basically walk with you.

The 52 Major Stories of the Bible

This class is a series of talks that walk you through the main stories of the Bible, 26 in the Old Testament (the time leading up to Jesus) and 26 in the New Testament (the time of Jesus and beyond). They are geared especially for people who learn better through stories than teaching. All of Bill's resources (notes, handouts, etc.) are being provided, and we would encourage pastors to preach through this same series as well. We are in the process of completing this series, so some of the resources will not be available right now.