Miracles (part 8)

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If God is in fact a living determinate being, and is outside the natural system, he might insert events into the natural system. The laws that we observe in the natural system may be a subset of higher laws that govern the universe. What criteria do you use to determine if a miracle has taken place? Evidence plus intrinsic probability. Whether or not an event is a miracle is also part of the discussion of the problem of evil. Why would God intervene in some circumstances but not others? 

C.S. Lewis Lecture 7b


Miracles (part 8)

I. The Propriety of Miracles (chapter 12)

A. Distinction between bad miracles and good miracles

B. Importance of identifying the grand narrative

II. Probability

A. Conditional probability

B. The claim is being made in the realm of history, not science

C. Part of the discussion of the problem of evil

D. Providence

III. Last Chapters


36 min

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