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Lecture 19: Miracles (part 7)

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There is nothing about nature that makes miracles impossible. The naturalist can’t see nature accurately as a creature, not just an independent fact but it can’t stand or explain itself. The cosmological principle is that only concrete beings, not general things, have causal power. Causal laws don’t make things happen, only the beings acting within the laws.

C.S. Lewis Lecture 7a


Miracles (part 7)

I. A Chapter Not Strictly Necessary (chapter 9)

A. An emotional objection

B. Redemption of individuals and nature

II. Horrid Red Things (chapter 10)

A. Possible that the supernatural would not invade the natural

B. Centrality of the incarnation

C. Science vs. literal interpretation

D. Speaking of spiritual things literally

III. Christianity and Religion (chapter 11)

A. Christianity compared to pantheism

B. Cosmological principle

C. Concept of God

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46 min

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