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Lecture 17: Miracles (part 5)

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Rational thought and moral consciousness are points of entry of the supernatural into the realm of the natural. It involves both. It’s not a dichotomy. Naturalists believe that the nature of human persons is limited to material processes. Substance dualists believe that mind and brain are two separate substances that are mixed for now, but at death one will cease to exist and the other will continue to exist. Emergentist sees the animal form taken to another degree of complexity by the natural realm getting increasingly complex and dualist in function as opposed to substance.

C.S. Lewis Lecture 6b


Miracles (part 5)

I. Answers to Misgivings (Chapter 6)

A. Materialists vs. substance dualists

B. Emergentist

C. Comparing the mind to a machine.

D. Naturalism as a worldview

E. Summary of the difference between naturalism and theism from Lewis’s point of view.

F. Divine action

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51 min

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